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Key Research

Pensions and Risk Aversion: The Influence of Race, Ethnicity, and Class on Investor Behavior,

Research Papers


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Public Scholarship/Opinion pieces

June 20, 2019      For some black voters, Joe Biden is deeply problematic. But Trump is even worse; (invited)

June 14, 2019      The real reason Trump won’t put Harriet Tubman on $20 bill; (invited)

Nov. 1, 2018      Why the awful Trump ad? Racism is one helluva drug; (invited)

Oct. 20, 2017      John Kelly Showed his True Colors; (invited)

Jan. 9, 2017      The Exceptionalism of Obama’s Presidency; (invited)

Oct. 8, 2016      Real Reason Republicans are Ditching Trump? It’s white women;

Sep. 5, 2016      Georgetown’s apology for slave trade doesn’t go far enough;

Mar. 17, 2016    Which Top Law School Will Close? Follow The Money;

Dec. 14, 2015     Scalia and the misguided ‘mismatch’ theory;

Aug. 18, 2015     What Hilary Clinton doesn’t get about #BlackLivesMatter;

July 9, 2015       The Power of White Outrage;

July 9, 2015        Jeb Bush Paid too much in Taxes; PostEverything (Washington Post)

June 9, 2015       How McKinney Pool Party incident has everything to do with Race;

Apr. 27, 2015      The Real Shame of Ben Affleck Running From his Family’s History;

Apr. 9, 2015        Did Cops Learn From Mistakes of Ferguson?;

Mar. 27, 2015      How Howard Schultz and Starbucks Should Have Addressed Race;

Mar. 9, 2015        Law Schools are in a Death Spiral; PostEverything (Washington Post)

Mar. 5, 2015        Ferguson’s Perfect Storm of Racism;

Nov. 5, 2014        Why Black Voters Didn’t Help GOP

Aug. 14, 2014      How Ferguson’s Citizens can Take Back Power;

July 14, 2014       Why Holder Remark made White People Mad;

June 23, 2014      Pay Gaps at Colleges Affect Even Those on Top; (Room for Debate)

Mar. 17, 2014       Paula Deen’s Alternate Universe;

Oct. 3, 2013         Keep the Judges Out of It and Keep Negotiating; (Room for Debate)

Apr. 17, 2013       The Only Path for Elderly (Room for Debate)

Apr. 17, 2013       It’s Time We Learned What Members of Congress Pay In Taxes;

Apr. 15, 2013       A Reboot For Legal Education;

Dec. 10, 2012      How Home Ownership Keeps Blacks Poorer Than Whites;

Nov. 18, 2012      A Real World Approach to Diversity;

Sept. 16, 2012     Harry Reid has a Glass House Quandary on Taxes,

Apr. 17, 2012       Let’s Kill the Progressive Tax Rate System,

Dec. 3, 2010        End the Unfair Tax Break for Homeowners,

June 16, 2010     BP Right to Stop Paying Dividends,

Mar. 9, 2009       Two Americas, Two Tax Codes, NY TIMES, Sec. 1, at A21.

Apr. 8, 2006        A Tax Credit or a Handout?, NY TIMES, Sec. 1, at A23.

Jan. 25, 2004      In Sickness, in Health and in the Tax Code, NY TIMES, Sec. 4, at 15.